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Our Services are all based around our online website and database management system - which is a collection of modules developed over several years specifically to manage the needs of the most demanding Membership Driven Organisations (MDO).
YES provide subscription based services for MDO's to manage their website and membership data online, using a standard web browser. The YES members system includes a complete admin interface to self-administer the entire content of the website, including menus, graphics, text, reports and documents.
We pride ourselves in being able to give a personal level of service unheard of with most Internet based services. Many companies are simply out to get as many customers signed up as possible, with little or no regard as to whether they can give those customers the proper Support and Technical Assistance they deserve. At YES we ensure that our customer needs are balanced to our own resources and abilities, ensuring that you, the Customer, receive a standard of service second to none.
We back up your SQL database once a day, and your logs twice a day. We do these backups for disaster recovery purposes. In case we have a system failure, we can restore your database from the last full backup. We also hold Sunday's backup weekly, just in case something goes wrong with the previous night's backup. Backups are stored on disk and then archived to tape weekly, and stored in a secure firesafe. If you need data restored for other reasons, we can either take Sunday's backup or last night's backup and get the data you need.
Our YES technical staff are constantly innovating and improving our systems. As a Subscriber and Customer, you immediately take advantage of new modules and enhancements that appear on a regular basis. Many of the features that appear are the result of ideas we have received from our Customers, so we really do listen and if those ideas are good, then for sure they will appear in our products!
Many organisations find that there are many different kinds of services on offer for managing websites and membership data online, but more often than not, those systems never quite cover all the key points that your organisation has set as being essential to their needs. At YES, we realise that the ability to customise a system to meet particular requirements is a vital part of the process. Although we have to make a charge for some customisations, the cost is extremely competitive and usually adds very little to the overall cost of setup.
The Internet has allowed us to service and support customers anywhere in the world. Most of our communication is done via email, but we are still happy to talk to our Customers on the telephone if necessary. We have customers in places as far apart as the USA and Thailand, so distance is not a problem! All you need as a Customer is a computer and a good Internet connection, we'll do the rest!
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