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12-Dec-2013 The Event management module has had several new features added. The ability to price an event with multiple discount rates as well as being able to link to a specific member's event booking history. For example, it is now possible to price in a discount for a member who has attended more than 5 networking events during the year.
29-Mar-2013 Photo Slider option now available for clients who wish to place a photo-slider on their websites.
20-Feb-2013 Shorten and Redirect URL's. Easily manage those long unweildy URL's that need to be included on web pages or emails. Automatically create a short link that can be set to expire at a certain date if necessary and redirect back to the original URL.
10-Jan-2013 Advanced Bounced Email Manager released. This module enables our clients to automatically manage bounced email from all their mailouts. Failing email addresses are flagged for Administrator attention and automatically removed from the subscriber lists. A great way to ensure you're not sending out hundreds of emails that end up going nowhere.
12-Dec-2012 All our clients now use our new MDaemon mail server which supports IMAP, SMTP, POP3, and ActiveSync protocols and delivers solid performance from its feature-rich and user-friendly design. With its great Webmail (WorldClient) interface and Remote Admin (WebAdmin), it's proving to be a great success.
01-Nov-2012 A big month for YES Technologies as we finalise moving all our production and development work into the Cloud. We chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) after more than a year of testing. Our clients now enjoy faster data access and unlimited storage.
News Items prior to mid 2012 have been archived.
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