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YES Technologies - Years of Experience

YES Technologies has been developing and maintaining Database systems for more than 25 years, for a wide variety of industries, such as Option Trading, Human Resources, Accounting, Project Management, Property Sales, Event Management, Personnel and Membership Management.

Our Membership Management options available here are a culmination of our database development work and experience gained over many years.

Managing the Security and ongoing Support Services is a critical part of the services we offer. With the advent of Cloud Based infrastructures, we embraced the latest technologies, partnering with Amazon Web Services who provide all our online data systems. Gone are the days when our Customers had to worry about Backups and Data Loss, YES Technologies takes care of all critical services.

YES Technologies also provide Private Email Servers, in partnership with MDaemon, for organisations who wish to have full control over their email options.

MDaemon - Private Email Servers
Bootstrap for responsive websites
Amazon Web Services
Microsoft SQL
Cloud - Amazon Web Services
Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)


Events Graphs

Fast Track Development

Let us develop your new website and database to administer your membership data.


Manage Membership

Use regular targetted mailings combined with event management.


Data Analytics

We help to improve the performance of your website to meet your business objectives.

Comprehensive Range of
Database and Website Services

Subscription Based, Regular Updates, Fanatical Support

We also develop bespoke databases for Clients who have special projects. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we'll be delighted to offer you a development timetable with competitive costings.

Search Engine Optimisation
Event Management
Membership Mailing Lists
Search Strategy

Maximize your presence on search engines by utilising well structured xml sitemaps.

Google Maps Listing

Include Google Maps to increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

URL's or ‘Links’ in page Content.

Links continue to be an important component of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Sponsor Banners

‘Paid for’ Banners are a great way to guarantee additional income and reach new Customers and Members.

Custom Website Design

Our team specializes in affordable web design, with responsive layouts using the ‘Bootstrap’ framework. Ask us for a quote!

Email Newsletters

Use preset Email templates to create your regular emails. Ideal for marketing and Membership engagement.



All Customers can take advantage of our new pricing plans for 2024.
The Entry Level plan is designed for organisations who only want to be able to manage Company and People data and do not require a public facing website.
The Admin access to all plans is via a Browser direct to our secure servers.

ModuleEntry LevelPremiumEnterprise
Membership - People
Membership - Companies
Analysis, Business Types, Nationalities
Export Data
Web Page Content Editing, Menus
Groups, Committees
News Items
Photo Album
Document Upload, Archive
URL Link Redirection
Profile Approval
Admin Tools
Security - Users and Permissions
Max. Member Records20,00010,000100,000
Max. Company Records10,0005,00050,000
Max. Storage for Documents500MB2GB
Max. Storage for Sponsor Images250MB1GB
Max. Emails per month25,000100,000
Monthly SubscriptionGBP 99.00, USD 125.00GBP 220.00, USD 280.00GBP 375.00, USD 480.00
Discount 1 year in Advanceless 10%, Total GBP 1,070.00
USD 1,355.00
less 10%, Total GBP 2,376.00
USD 3,030.00
less 12%, Total GBP 3,960.00
USD 5,050.00
Discount 2 years in Advanceless 15%, Total GBP 1,010.00
USD 1,280.00
less 15%, Total GBP 2,244.00
USD 2,860.00
less 17.5%, Total GBP 3,712.50
USD 4,735.00

Email Services

Email Options - MDaemon Private Cloud Server
Users 1-10Quarterly in Advance GBP 99.00, USD 125.00
Users 11-20Quarterly in Advance GBP 190.00, USD 240.00
Users 21-30Quarterly in Advance GBP 270.00, USD 340.00
Users 31-40Quarterly in Advance GBP 320.00, USD 405.00
Users 41-50Quarterly in Advance GBP 390.00, USD 495.00

Website Services - Subscription Customers

New Website*, Responsive Design
Monthly SubscribersOne Time Charge GBP 950.00, USD 1,200.00
1-year in AdvanceOne Time Charge GBP 425.00, USD 540.00
2-year in AdvanceOne Time Charge GBP 220.00, USD 275.00
*SSL Certificate included for no charge on all our hosted websites.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

Do we need skilled personnel to use this system?

YESmembers.net has been designed for ease of use with minimalist training required. Admin menu functions guide you through each step. Take a look at the toolbar below, simple point and click icons are used throughout.

Admin Menu Functions - Example
There's much talk about the 'database', but where is it exactly and where is our data?

The Database resides in the Cloud, a service provided by our partners Amazon Web Services. Data is backed up across virtual servers and locations. YES Technologies ensures that the data is stored in the most optimal location to meet the traffic demands of each of our customers.

We're worried about ownership of our data, what is YES's policy on this?

The contents of the database, i.e. the data that you enter into the system - your membership data, web pages, reports, documents, events, etc. remains at all times your data. YES own the Cloud services we have setup along with our partners Amazon Web Services, including the system that allows you to manage your data across the Internet. There are several Admin features to allow you access at any time to download the data onto your own PC.

If we have a problem loading in data or we are unable to get a web page to display correctly, or any other problem for that matter, what level of Technical Support do you offer to help us and how long do we have to wait?

Our first level of support is by email. As a YES Customer, email us details of your problem to support@yesmembers.net and we will assign a technical person to look at it and resolve it. This often happens within less than 4 hours. However, allowing for time zone differences around the world, your contract with YES says that all problems will be examined and a resolution made within 24 hours.

How many member records can we store? How many documents, reports and images can we load in?

For the Entry Level plan, designed for organisations who do not need a public facing website, the pricing structure works on a maximum 10,000 Companies and 20,000 Persons/Members. The Premium Level plan is designed for organisations who need a complete Administration system to manage all of their needs, for example, Chambers of Commerce, Clubs and Associations. The Enterprise plan is for organisations who require many more records and much more storage space. Please refer to the prices table here for the maximum number of records and maximum storage. If your requirements exceed these limits, please contact us for a custom plan.

How good is the security on your system? We're very concerned that our data could get 'hacked'!

We are always working to make sure we have the best security available for this type of application. Logins are very secure (all data is sent via SSL) and each person, whether they be a member or an Admin person, has their own password and profile on the system. Our servers are protected by excellent firewall systems and technical experts are always on hand to help if there are any perceived threats.

If you still have a question that is not answered above, please Contact Us using the form below or email: info@YESmembers.net and we will respond asap.

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